Sweet Pea Souls - Sizing Chart

Sweet Pea Souls manufactures gowns in three sizes, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. Children’s bodies are unique and grow at different rates.  Minor alternations may be required to ensure a perfect fit on your child. When in doubt, always choose a larger size and have the garment altered. 

How to Measure

Sweet Pea Souls gowns are long, far past the child’s feet. Therefore, the most critical measurement is the circumference of the child’s chest. Always measure the chest of the child. Do not rely solely upon the age ranges listed in our size chart.

Measure across the widest point of the chest, under the armpits. Add additional length for ‘wiggle room’ to ensure the child is comfortable. Consider adding further length to this measurement if you suspect the child will grow before the event.

Size Chart

Below is the Sweet Pea Souls size chart:      

 SPS Size Childs Age (Guide Only) Gowns Chest Circumference
Size 00 3-6 months 48 cm
Size 0 6-12 months 52 cm
Size 1 12-18 months 56 cm

Sweet Pea Souls bonnets, bloomers, and headbands are made with elastic. These items are very stretchy.